Decades of medical neglect

Utterly broken by the noise assault upon my being
It enters into every nook and cranny
of my existence,
every cell,
every organ,
it seems,
And devours me from the inside,
paralysing me from head to toe,
so that time after time,
no part escapes.
I am tormented.
I am scalded with pain.
I am raging at the injustice:
the continued violation of my home,
my living space,
my body,
my life,
my cells,
till I can no longer bear
another second
of the horror of it.
It defines my life.
It breaks me into tiny fragments
so that my body will not,
is not
to hold me up,
to feel,
to move,
to think,
to escape
this daily torture
from loud and violating noise attacks
to even simple ordinary things.
It is unrelenting
and a violent assault
upon an already weak
and fractured body.
My life is being torn from me
And ripped apart
with crass ignorance
And deliberate
or abuse of power and might
or simply, just by being in the room with me now,
in the wrong moment,
in the wrong way,
at the wrong angle,
without realising the danger
at hand,
till I am left weeping
and diminished,
my soul crying for mercy
and tattered
from decades
of medical neglect.

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