Living on the edge of existence

Living with Very Severe ME
is like living on the edge
of existence.
You cannot plan,
You cannot predict,
You cannot control
your experience,
thoughts or actions.
You live there, in a strange surreal state,
Unknown to most,
Not knowing how or when
You might leave.
Others live here with you
Strangely visible to us
Even from a great distance,
Yet oddly invisible to the rest of the world.
Some leave painfully quickly and young,
Whilst others cannot endure the uncertainty, the isolation, the negation,
nor the multi- layered pain
And choose the moment of their parting,
To silently, let go,
Whilst we look on, helpless
to know how to help
each other
Or even ourselves.
And yet we, remaining, still hope,
For better moments
For healing to somehow magically occur,
Despite the odds.
We hold each others virtual hands
And send out love across the universe
Into the abyss of not knowing,
Praying for miracles
to save us all.

September 25th 2015

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