How many more people will take their own life ?

Our hearts go out to Vanessa Li's family. We understand the physical pain of M.E.;  we know how impossible that pain is to describe. 

Vanessa could not go on any more. Her loss to us all, this brave determined woman, who started the Microbe discovery Project, from her bed, from cushions on the floor, is tremendous. 

 We ask : how many more people will be pushed, by M.E.,  an despised, awful,  , ignored, untreated, disease,  to kill themselves ? Where is the hope ?

Vanessa wants her death to serve. It will.

Shout ! Shout ! Shout ! Shout as never before, it is so urgent now,  for the truth of M.E.

Make sure it is separated from CFS- and SEID !!

Protect the integrity  of M.E. as a distinct neurological disease, separate from other conditions.

Make sure you are not misrepresenting M.E. yourself in your language and actions.

Until the nature of M.E.  is properly understood there will be no hope - people will be harmed and  people will continue to take their own lives.

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