21 years of fighting for truth and justice

There are adventures - and true adventures. True adventures take you on a wondrous journey of discovery, they fill your heart with joy unimaginable and your soul with a belonging, that can endure any pain, challenge, storm, disaster or suffering and rise, triumphant above it, a sparkle in the eye, a twinkle on the lips !

A raised fist, punching the air in victory, a cuddle, a dance, a soft holding of each other : no matter what, we know that we will break a pathway through.

Out of fire, we have forged a sword of truth a buckler of integrity so strong, nothing, no one can break it !

21 years - I never thought it would  be so new. I am younger, more full of awe, more alive than I ever was, that is what true love does I have discovered, it shows how all things are possible.

Much much more, it teaches you how to sit together, contented, in stillness and silence; precious, precious times.

21 years later, it feels like the adventure is just beginning !! I LOVE you Linda xxxxxx

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