Scalded and withered

I am scalded
and withered
By noise
Like hot coffee
Thrown carelessly
On hopeful grass.
My life is dumped on
And destroyed in an instant
Of crass ignorance
And abusive noise assault.
My life
And all possibility
Is crushed,
In a torment
Beyond description.
Noise breaks me up into pieces.
It invades my every cell.
It twists and screams and writhes around my nerve pathways
Leaving them high pitched and demented
Screeching down the nerve cells like a banshee
Shaking me apart from within
My muscles expand, contract, collapse,
unable to sustain holding me together.
Pain explodes, stabs, jerks, burns me inside and out.
My mind is confused in a cacophony of autonomic chaos.
My limbs, my face, my eyeballs, even my eyebrows, are totally paralysed.
Noise, simple, rumbling, grumbling, tinkling, screeching, thundering, slamming, banging, crashing, noise
Is my jailer,
My torturer,
My controller,
My destructor.
And despite my best efforts
There seems to be nothing I can do
To stop the bombardment and destruction

That goes right to the heart of ME.

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