What do you do ?

This is my Linda, my strength, my rock. Last night 
I was close to tears, as I sat with her, her body,
 no matter
the hot water bottle, the raging wood burner,  ice-cold and getting colder, her legs, feet totally devoid of feeling and sensation, her beautiful hands, that used to play the guitar so exquisitely hanging lifeless and numb, her mouth too paralysed to open, her body draining away.

She is seriously ill.

What could I do ?

Anyone else you'd call an ambulance - infinitely more complicated when the person has Very Severe ME, making an ambulance crew likely to cause serious harm and a hospital environment more than likely to kill her.

What do you do ?

You sit, you pray, you try not to cry or despair.

You rage, inside, at the injustice, that she is left like to deteriorate, with nothing being done to help or take her ME seriously.

You wonder how you'd cope without  her.

Your love is all you've got.

That was last night. Today is no easier.

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