I feel so lonely

In this moment
With these indescribable sensations
With this unbearable weakness
With this complete inability to do anything
I feel so separated from everyone
And everything
Because none of me is normal
None of me works like it should
None of the ill me is seen in its fullness
Because it is truly invisible
Nothing can make this moment right
Nothing can help me feel
any better
than I can bolster in myself
Not enough is being done
To make this illness go away
And not enough is being done
To make the psychiatrists go away
Where is their shame?
Where is their contrition?
Where is the harm?
Every moment someone is suffering:
Tormented, distressed, in agony, helpless, incapacitated
By this illness
All the time it is allowed to be called CFS
All the time it is allowed to be misrepresented
As deconditioning and wrong thought
All the time there is no coherent biomedical response.
That is, basically,
All the time
And today
It is simply

Too much.

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