Who is speaking the truth of ME, so vital if we are  to get a proper  biomedical medical service, offering proper  ME tests and treatments? 

Leadership is required, but we have  to ask where are the true leaders?

Not where they should be it seems.

See the new 25% Group  magazine to discover what happened in Scotland :

"the vote went resoundingly in favour of ME. Just four votes were cast in favour of the "spectrum of fatiguing conditions" option....

Sad to say that neither of the two major national ME charities supported the ME option at the meeting, choosing to abstain on the vote. Neither did MERUK stand up for ME."

(Helen Brownlie Scotland : Holyrood Update pg 13 The Quarterly Winter 2012)

 Read Linda's feature  article on CFS in the same issue -  be determined to seek better leadership in 2013 !

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