The sensations creep in silently

The sensations creep in silently
My muscles scream in response
Yet nothing is heard
Nothing visible
I am demolished to a spasming jelly
Nausea floods me  in wave upon wave
Black nothingness creeps into my vision
I feel as if I will pass out
My head is full of pressure
Piercing throbbing massive head pain
My left arm hangs inert
Stopped in its motion
Paralysed totally
My leg feels cold,
a blanket  of prickling pins and needles
Blanks out the possibility of movement
My neck  is numb
Creeping paralysis flows into
My throat and tongue
My face is palsied
My mouth no longer smiles on the left
I am pierced with illness
That incapacitates
And leaves me in tearful agony
It is unrelenting
On and on it goes
Day in day out
Hour in hour out
Moment in moment out
And I am left with no where
Within me or without me
To find  the solace
To bear it.

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